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Fitness girl

Fitness girl

Photo by tigercop2k3

Fitness girl - attractive young woman working out with dumbbells

Manchester United scrape by error-prone Benfica in Champions League

It took a bizarre goalkeeping error to get the job done, but Manchester United took full control of Champions League Group A with a 1-0 win over Benfica on the strength of Marcus Rashford’s second half goal that was gifted to them by a youthful mistake from Benfica goalkeeper Mile Svilar…………….Read More

Jay Gruden sounds resigned to the Eagles winning the NFC East

After losing in Philadelphia on Monday night, Washington coach Jay Gruden sounded resigned to having to compete for a wild card berth.

Gruden noted that his team has now been swept by the Eagles this season, and that the Eagles’ lead is 2.5 games in the NFC East……………….Read More

Fitness Passion

Fitness Passion

Photo by Gokhan Altintas

Fitness Passion by Gokhan Altintas