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Maria Sharapova is reportedly under investigation in India for ‘cheating and criminal conspiracy’

Maria Sharapova may have spent the last few months attempting to get her career back on track after more than a year away from the sport due to a doping ban. She performed well at the US Open, but had an up-and-down year thanks to persistent shoulder problems in addition to her time away from the professional circuit……….Read More

Meet the 8 candidates for U.S. Soccer president

On Dec. 4, longtime U.S. Soccer federation president Sunil Gulati announced that he would not run for re-election. His imminent departure has created a wide-open field for February’s presidential election, and plenty of qualified candidates have thrown their hat into the ring.

Nine people declared their candidacy, and eight of them received the necessary nominations to run. The only person who didn’t make the cut is Paul Lapointe, who spent his short candidacy starting Twitter fights………….Read More

QB: My Life Behind the Spiral

QB: My Life Behind the Spiral (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Steve Young, Jeff Benedict

"This book is gold.”—Peter King
“Intense.”San Francisco Chronicle
“Steve Young is a hero of mine, and his story is a source of inspiration for me. His perseverance, intelligence, and, most of all, grace under pressure NFL-style, make this book a fascinating read. Thanks, Steve, for sharing your story with one of your biggest fans!”—Tom Brady
 “Steve was extraordinary in every facet of life. I’ve never read a football book with more honesty and integrity—it’s typical Steve. What a quarterback! What a man!” —Jim Nantz, CBS Sports
“All football fans know what a tremendously talented and successful quarterback Steve Young was in his NFL career. But what they don’t know about are the challenges and personal obstacles Steve had to overcome to make his dreams come true. This is a most exciting and compelling story.”—Roger Staubach

A stunningly candid look at what it takes to become a super-elite professional quarterback

Steve Young produced some of the most memorable moments in NFL history. But his most impressive victories have been deeply personal ones that were won when no one was watching. His remarkably revealing memoir is the story of a Mormon boy with a 4.0 GPA, a photographic memory, and a severe case of separation anxiety.
   As an eighth-string quarterback at Brigham Young University, it was doubtful that he would ever see any playing time. But Young became an All-American, finished second in the Heisman voting, and was the top draft choice out of college. Then, after signing the largest contract in sports history, anxiety nearly drove him to walk away from football completely.
   In short, Young’s quest in life was always about grit. Now, he shares the experience of being inside his helmet while he faces down his toughest adversaries, both on and off the field.
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