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Hot Yoga MasterClass: Bikram and Hot Yoga Precision Techniques for Beginners to Advanced

Are you struggling with Hot Yoga Poses that others seem to do easily? Are you worried you might be hurting yourself “trying” to get into some poses? Discover breakthrough methods, systems and techniques that will transform your Bikram and Hot Yoga practice overnight!

Are you concerned about doing backbends safely and without injury? Confused by some of the Hot Yoga pose “instructions“? Or do you just have no idea what you’re supposed to be doing to “lock the knee”? Perhaps you’re just struggling to straighten your legs? Experienced teacher-trainer, studio owner and best-selling author, Gabrielle Raiz, walks you through every single method and technique she’s taught to 1,000s of students around the world, so you can unlock the amazing benefits of Hot Yoga.

The Hot Yoga MasterClass is a comprehensive, no-nonsense reference manual, used by beginners, advanced students, teachers, teacher-trainees, and by many teacher-training programs around the world. Each of the 26 popular Hot Yoga Poses is broken down into step-by-step elements, including how to fix all the common mistakes. Packed with full-color, expandable photos and practical instructions, Raiz has left no stone unturned in this work of passion.

In The Hot Yoga MasterClass, you’ll learn:

  • How all the popular 26 Hot Yoga poses should be practiced—and where and when the recited instructions let students down, or unknowingly expose you to injury
  • The famous “Hot Yoga Doctor’s 75%” rule that will change the way you practice!
  • Balancing: how to do it (and it isn’t what you think!)
  • What to do if you are injured; inflexible, or if your body just “won’t do” what everyone else in class seems to be able to!
  • The exact technique to get into every pose, no matter your flexibility; full professional photos of all of the common mistakes, and how to fix them. More than 380 full-color photos and over 300+ “pages” packed with no-nonsense, straight to the point instructions ... and much, much more!

The Hot Yoga MasterClass is the quintessential Hot Yoga reference, for beginning students to advanced teacher-trainees. Covering the fundamentals of each pose in exacting detail and how to fix the most common mistakes, as well as modifications for almost all body types, restrictions and injury, this extensive manual is all any Hot Yoga devotee needs. If you like precision techniques, step-by-step methods, and fully illustrated instructions, you’ll love Raiz’s MasterClass.

Pick up your copy of The Hot Yoga MasterClass to make breakthroughs in your Hot Yoga practice today.

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