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Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson is a gambling event with some golf mixed in

Golf’s loving embrace of gambling will power into a new era Thanksgiving week with “The Match.” The Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson battle is a made-for-TV event and made-for-wagering game.

It’s set in Las Vegas, features two notorious gamblers with deep pockets, and will encourage the kind of in-game side-bets you hear about during practice rounds on the PGA Tour but never during actual play, at least not on TV……………………Read More

Stefan Frei robbed of Goalkeeper of the Year

End-of-season awards are always a bit of a popularity contest, almost by definition. But this year, the chatter and the statistics all seemed to be pointed to Stefan Frei winning the award for the first time. That was wrong………………Read More

Young strong girl

Young strong girl doing push-ups na kettlebells

Photo by Denis Kornilov

Young strong girl doing push-ups na kettlebells by Denis Kornilov on


Serena Williams and the privilege of righteous anger

Serena Williams is the best player in women’s tennis, without question. Over the decades we’ve witnessed her dominance and poise, and Saturday’s final of the US Open felt no different. I was pacing and shouting at my screen, anxiously willing her to pull through. But then longtime tennis umpire Carlos Ramos hit her with a violation that Serena felt challenged her integrity, and I was floored. It felt like a personal attack……………..Read More