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Tactically Naive: The Premier League is making us pay attention in August, which is rude

The Premier League is back

Ah, the Premier League. It seems only yesterday that Manchester City and Liverpool were coming to the end of their epic title race, one that ended only when one side proved to be a fraction less perfect than the other. And now: a new campaign, a new dawn, and perhaps new adventures. Let’s check in on the first week……………..Read More

Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill are giving the NFL a backup QB battle worth watching

The Saints are set at starting quarterback for 2019. Drew Brees was his typical all-world self for most of his previous year. While the now 40-year-old’s level of play declined late in the season, he still managed to record a league- and career-high 115.7 passer rating and led his team within one blown pass interference call of the Super Bowl………………….Read More

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Athletic girl with boxing bandages

Athletic girl with boxing bandages

Photo by Евгений Тарасов

athletic girl with boxing bandages by Евгений Тарасов on