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Five things we learned from the March friendlies

This period in a FIFA World Cup™ year is always filled with nervous anticipation as the 32 qualified teams begin to make their final preparations. Coaches make surprise call-ups, tinker with their tactics and cast their eye over their squads – some for the final time – before deciding who will fill the 23 seats on the plane…………Read More

3 winners and 4 losers from the 2018 World Cup draw

The 2018 World Cup draw has been made, and it appears that the new draw format has paid dividends. Teams were seeded according to FIFA rankings instead of arranged geographically, and the result is that there’s no terrible group and no obvious group of death.

But that doesn’t mean that some teams didn’t get better draws than others. The FIFA rankings are based on a deeply flawed system, after all. Plus, Russia is a Pot 3-quality team that got an automatic top seed…………..Read More

Santos: It all worked out well in the end

Portugal coach Fernando Santos had left nothing to chance ahead of the UEFA EURO 2016 final against hosts France, the biggest occasion of his sporting career. Yet, having analysed every detail and prepared in depth for the match, he then saw all his plans turned upside down only 25 minutes into the game……………Read More