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Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs win thriller in victory over 49ers at Super Bowl LIV

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Even as he struggled to avoid a heated-San Francisco pass rush, even as he tossed two interceptions and even as he faced a double-digit deficit and a dwindling fourth quarter clock, Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes kept grinding and kept making plays. 

A scramble for a first down here. A deep ball to Tyreek Hill there……………….Read More

Super Bowl LIV Game Highlights

Making money: 12 NFL draft prospects who boosted their stock most at the Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl is a valuable stage for NFL draft prospects whose stocks are volatile. Play well, and their stock can rise. Play poorly and … 

“There are always exceptions,” a veteran talent evaluator explained, “but I don’t think players who don’t perform as well there get hurt as much as I do [think] players who have big weeks can help themselves…………….Read More

Mike McCarthy has to prove he’s evolved, or else the Cowboys just hired Jason Garrett 2.0

Jason Garrett is out as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He leaves behind a legacy of offense-first planning that often topped out at good, but never great. His inability to make in-game changes, evolve as NFL defenses became wise to his schtick, and give his offensive stars the opportunity to maximize their potential ultimately became his legacy in Texas……………….Read More