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The Celtics don’t need their stars to win games

The Boston Celtics still did away with the New Orleans Pelicans, 113-110, on Monday night. It was a wire-to-wire win in which Boston flexed its defensive muscle and its connective offensive tissue. And it was a victory that was a reminder just how deep this Celtics team can go, especially when the playoffs roll around in April…………..Read More

NBA Rumors: Lakers not Kawhi Leonard’s top choice in free agency

A trade to the Toronto Raptors didn’t mark the end of the rumors surrounding Kawhi Leonard’s future. It just kicked them into overdrive. 

Leonard grew up in Southern California, so many have linked him to signing with the Lakers in free agency next summer. Despite reports to the contrary, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne insisted that Leonard was still interested in joining the Lakers before the San Antonio Spurs traded him to Toronto.

Miami reportedly not interested in Ryan Anderson trade with Houston

The rumor had been out there for a few days, the Houston Rockets would be interested in trading Ryan Anderson — a contract and player they have tried to move for more than a year now — to the Miami Heat for Tyler Johnson or James Johnson. Rockets’ fans liked that idea, for good reason……………….Read More



Photo by Arisha Prikhodko

Basketball by Arisha Prikhodko on 500px.com