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Mike McCarthy has to prove he’s evolved, or else the Cowboys just hired Jason Garrett 2.0

Jason Garrett is out as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He leaves behind a legacy of offense-first planning that often topped out at good, but never great. His inability to make in-game changes, evolve as NFL defenses became wise to his schtick, and give his offensive stars the opportunity to maximize their potential ultimately became his legacy in Texas……………….Read More

Top 20 picks of 2020 NFL draft are set; could first two picks be locks?

With the end of the 2019 NFL season, we now have some tangible clarity in the 2020 NFL draft.

As in, the order of the first 20 selections in Round 1.

Hey, it’s something, right?

So here we go — and with each team and pick, we’ll add some quick draft-related thoughts:………………..Read More

Which NFL teams can clinch a playoff spot and which can be eliminated in Week 15?

There are just three weeks left in the NFL’s regular season, and we’re just starting to see how postseason will shake out. In Week 14, the Chiefs clinched the AFC West title, becoming the second team to lock down their division after the Saints. The Ravens also nailed down a playoff spot by beating the Bills last week……………Read More

How the Dolphins are tanking the 2019 season, in 3 steps

The Miami Dolphins are awful.

That’s no surprise. They were expected to be after they mostly spent their offseason getting rid of talent rather than acquiring it. But it was still staggering to see just how bad the Dolphins were when they kicked off the 2019 season by getting destroyed by the Ravens, 59-10……………….Read More