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Japan suspends football over virus as Olympics loom

Japan suspended its football league on Tuesday, making it the latest sporting victim of the deadly coronavirus with just five months to go before the Tokyo Olympics.

All J-League and cup games were postponed until mid-March as Japan joined China and South Korea in putting domestic football on hold in a bid to stem the outbreak.

“J-League made a big decision over the spread of infections of the new coronavirus,” the league’s chairman Mitsuru Murai told a news conference……………….Read More

Chloe Kim on Asian-American representation and the pressures of success

When Chloe Kim started snowboarding at the age of 4, she was one of the only Asian-Americans on the slopes. Thirteen years later, she became the youngest woman to win an Olympic gold medal for halfpipe, but the victory has comes with its own pressures. Kim has grown up with a spotlight shining on her because of her magical athletic stunts and has become a symbol of Asian-American representation and a media favorite……………Read More

Hope Solo reaches a new height for goalkeepers

Hope Solo is a household name and the rare Olympic gold medalist who invites as much scorn and controversy from soccer fans as she does celebration and cheers.

Of course, Solo would never have reached the odd space she occupies if it weren’t for being good enough to stay in the public spotlight for so long. Solo has been such a mainstay on the U.S. women’s national team that she just reached a new height for a goalkeeper of either gender……….Read More