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Hot Yoga MasterClass: Bikram and Hot Yoga Precision Techniques for Beginners to Advanced

Discover the breakthrough techniques that will transform your Bikram and Hot Yoga practice overnight!

Banish struggle and injury from your practice; learn how to modify poses to suit YOUR body.

The Hot Yoga MasterClass is used by beginners, advanced students, teachers, teacher-trainees, and by many teacher-training programs around the world.

Now in its 10th year, this comprehensive reference is now available in e-book format. Let experienced teacher-trainer, studio owner and best-selling author, Gabrielle Raiz, take you by the hand and teach you every single hot yoga method and technique she’s taught to 1,000s of students around the world, just like you. And just like them, you will revolutionize your yoga practice!

Would you love to make breakthroughs in your Bikram or Hot Yoga Practice?

Do you have no idea where you are going wrong? (So many students know they’re making mistakes but either can’t work out what’s ‘not right’ or how to fix their errors.)

Are you struggling with poses that others seem to do easily?

Are you worried you might be hurting yourself “trying” to get into some poses?

Or do you feel a niggle in your back, or your legs, that doesn’t really seem to disappear no matter what you do?

These, and so many other struggles are forever solved in the Hot Yoga MasterClass, as Gabrielle takes you through the precise step-by-step methods to give you a superb—and immensely satisfying—hot yoga practice.

You will learn:

  • How all the popular 26 hot yoga poses should be practiced—and where and when the recited instructions let students down, or unknowingly expose you to injury
  • The “Hot Yoga Doctor’s 75%” rule that will change the way you practice!
  • How to really do backbends safely and without fear of injury
  • Balancing: how to do it—and it isn’t what you think
  • What to do if you are injured; inflexible, or if your body just “won’t do” what everyone else in class seems to be able to! Some of these techniques will help you if you’ve been avoiding poses. You’ll learn how to fully participate in the pose with the right pose-mechanics
  • How to breathe more fully than you ever have before—and survive a class, even if it’s “too hot”!
  • The issue of “straightening the leg,” how it can be a dilemma, and what your body’s telling you so you can get it right!
  • Hundreds of techniques for the poses so you can create a cohesive practice that feels amazing.

Every single pose contains its own easy-to-follow dedicated chapter, in a reliable and practical format, with literally hundreds of full color, highly detailed photographs. Each chapter takes you through:

  • The essentials
  • What makes this pose so difficult to get right?
  • The technique (precise, step-by-step instructions for setup; entry; during the pose, and release)
  • Common mistakes and how to fix them
  • Full professional photos detailing every step of every pose; photos of all of the common mistakes—and how to fix them. More than 380 full-color photos and over 300+ “pages” packed with no-nonsense, straight to the point instructions!

Special reader bonus: hear me teach a live class! See instructions in the back matter.

Pick up your copy of The Hot Yoga MasterClass today and start making immediate changes in your hot yoga practice.

Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only
Release date October 31, 2017.

Wolford Power

Wolford Power
Photo by Ron _Nylon

Wolford Power !

Flexy Sexy Shoot

Flexy Sexy Shoot

Photo by Tom Miles

Flexy Sexy Shoot

Flexible athletic woman

Flexible athletic woman

Photo by Sergei Butorin

flexible athletic woman by Sergei Butorin on 500px.com